Privacy Policy

Suncraft Co. Ltd. (referred to as “Suncraft” or “we” or “our”) respects the privacy of companies and entities that use our Services and persons who use our Services (collectively, “Customers”), and will endeavor to pay utmost attention in managing Customers’ personal information, and to be able to provide reliability and security as a company.

Collection of Personal Information
Suncraft may collect your personal information through such means as your card data, response to questionnaires, inquiries by telephone or e-mail, etc., or by obtaining such information upon sale, or replacement or repair of parts, in order to best serve you.
Our Company collects personal information for purposes limited only to what is described in “Use of Personal Information”, and the scope of such collection shall not exceed the personal information that is necessary to achieve such purposes. Collecting personal information shall be in accordance with, and within the scope of, laws and regulations.

Use of Personal Information
Personal information provided by customers may be used for our customer service including repair, processing or replacement of the products, or other services such as providing information on products or various matters by Our Company or Contractors.
The use of personal information that Our Company has collected, is limited to the extent necessary to achieve the above purpose, under sufficient consideration so as not to infringe the rights of our customers.

Provision of Personal Information
Our Company shall not disclose or provide personal information of customers, to third parties who are not Contractors, without an individual’s knowledge and consent. We may disclose personal information of customers without an individual’s knowledge and consent when required by law, regulation or court order or when requested by a competent prosecuting or regulatory authority.

Management and Protection of Personal Information
Our Company shall take necessary measures to appropriately manage personal information in order to protect it from leakage to outside the company. Our Company shall implement countermeasures to secure the strictest protection for the personal information of customers, and endeavor to prevent any loss, damage, alteration or other inappropriate use, or unauthorized access.
Our Company may outsource handling of personal information of customers to best serve our customers. In these circumstances, we appoint entities for outsourcing whose handling of personal information has been deemed appropriate (hereinafter “Contractors”), and we ensure that personal information will be managed appropriately by stipulating in contract as necessary conditions that the Contractor will manage personal information appropriately and honor confidentiality to prevent any leakage or transfer of personal information.

Disclosure or Correction of Personal Information
When requested by a customer of ours, Our Company shall disclose such requested personal information of that customer without delay, excluding the cases when there are circumstances that would substantially interfere with the execution of Our Company’s business, or that are likely to cause detriment to life, health, property or any other benefits of individuals.
When there is a request from a customer of ours to amend or delete any recorded personal information about that customer within its possession, Our Company shall conduct an investigation without delay.
In this case, when there are reasons where amendment or deletion is needed, amendment or deletion shall be implemented in due course.

Restructuring of the Internal System
Our Company shall make efforts to properly protect our customers’ personal information through the establishment of company rules based on this privacy policy. Our Company will ensure that its executives and employees are aware of handling of personal information and make endeavors to protect personal information of customers. Our Company shall establish a system to continuously audit its compliance to sufficiently protect our customers’ personal information.